The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre (CFDC) project involves a detailed feasibility study that incorporates the complex operations of a museum containing a world class collection of pre-historic marine invertebrates, with ongoing paleontological sites and a visitor experiences that is changing rapidly with evolving technology options. 

Due to the limitations of the existing facilities from which it operates, the current CFDC has been limited in its exposure and ability to generate significant income through visitorship.  Sputnik Architecture has been engaged by Travel Manitoba and CFDC to assist in choosing a new site for the building, and to develop a plan for the future museum and surrounding site that will enable it to develop a new, world class discovery centre in Morden, Manitoba.  

The project is being developed using a phased approach, and the site for the new museum is will be developed in stages.  Given the overall scale of the project, it will require significant local buy-in and long term fundraising, and this will only happen by directly demonstrating the dream of the project. 

Currently in schematic design phase, the CFDC project is being developed based on a long-term strategy for the overall site will include strategies for:

  - Impacts on protective services, waste collection, and traffic
  - Year round connection through transportation corridors to points of interest and key services
  - Mapping of green spaces, event locations and relationships between facilities and activation programming
  - Specific planning for visitor services (information kiosk, parking, picnic area, washroom facilities)
  - Commercial development opportunities and locations on site, or adjacent to site
  - Adjacent residential/cottage development opportunities and locations
  - Potential activity centres for safe boating, swimming and beachfront on Lake Minnewasta
  - Overall preservation and enhancement of local ecosystem through the development of the CFDC site

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