The home 113 Cauchon was studied for six years before permanent modifications were made. With children, pets and parents constantly entering and exiting the house, the decision was made to centralize the entrances along the side of the house. This gesture also utilizes otherwise wasted land between the tightly packed houses in Osborne Village. The entrance to the house became the anchor for all other spatial arrangements on the main floor. The use of natural light, with the expansion and contraction of volumes are the primary tools for achieving the esprit for this home. As design work evolved, the exercise became less about forcing a new aesthetic and more an exercise of archeological discovery. Opening up certain structures and volumes led to new possibilities and delight, while carefully maintaining the themes that had developed in the home during its 100 year history.

This project was also very carefully and technically assimilated with the restoration and preservation of the home at 109 Cauchon Street, which now contains two fully updated rental suits. Both buildings were lifted several feet into the air, the rubble foundations were removed, and new foundations were poured below. Both homes were then carefully lowered onto new basements.


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