An iconic form that reminds visitors at once of granaries, houses, and fishing shacks. Small simple buildings that are ubiquitous, simple, and beautiful. The design is intended to exist in a manner that is both familiar and new - a shape we recognize, but a combination of materials and colours we do not. The clear delineation of fundamental elements creates an ideological ‘gap’ between the past and the future. We exist in that gap and in a very small way, this building shall celebrate this gap.

The building consists of three elements:

Skin: Plywood wrapped in waterproof membrane.
Frame: Steel frame providing rigid support for moving equipment.
Shell: Red and white powder coated aluminium create a patchwork that celebrates the vitality of Canada’s multicultural diversity.


Sputnik Architecture Inc.

Ph: (204) 415 3906

   Unit 1 - 120 Scott Street
Winnipeg   Manitoba   Canada
R3L 0K8