PTARMIGAN RESTAURANT | Churchill, Manitoba

Located in the remote and rugged beauty of Churchill, Manitoba, Ptarmigan Restaurant is a beacon of comfort and luxury in a region known for its frigid winters and breathtaking natural scenery. The architectural design of Ptarmigan Restaurant offers visitors a unique dining experience that is as much about the ambiance and setting as it is about the food.

Frontiers North approached Sputnik Architecture to expand their current kitchen facility, previously used to support their tour operations off site, to include a new 1160 sq. ft. dining space on the street side of the existing building. Ptarmigan needed to be a space that would cater to patrons looking for an upscale dining experience as part of their vacation as well as a comfortable spot for locals to gather. The end result is a warm, inviting interior beyond the dynamic street front facade.

The building incorporates and mimics simple materials from the surrounding area, such as fur plywood, pine boards, and aged metals, to provide a modern, yet familiar feel of the town. Large, strategically placed windows maximize natural light. Double stud walls create an exceptionally high-performing building envelope, effectively responding to the harsh subarctic climate.  The open floor plan and flexible design allows for a spacious dining area that can accommodate various dining occasions, from casual meals to special events.


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