Sputnik Architecture Inc was given the task of understanding the particular philosophy toward early learning held by the faculty at Assiniboine Community College, and marry these ideas to the willingness of the design builder to construct their desires. The combination of wishes and restrictions is not particular to just this project, but in this context, we were very committed also to ensuring that the little people who would occupy this building would benefit from the way that the spaces, materials, function, natural light, and heating source, were put together. 

We spoke to everyone we could, from the custodian to the child care workers, to make sure we completely understood how to create the very best daycare possible. At the same time, the builder was proposing building types. We began to assimilate what we were learning from the daycare with the proposed structural and mechanical systems. In the end this assimilation resulted in a space that is easy to work in, easy to play in, easy to maintain, and constructed within a limited budget.


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