In partnership with Osborne Village Biz, Sputnik Architecture Inc was involved in the re-imagining of three signage kiosks and the Bell Tower, located in Winnipeg’s Osborne Village.  The existing kiosks and Bell Tower have served as landmarks within the community for many years and were in need of a refresh.  Given their prominent locations, an update would also allow the community to increase visibility and advertising for local businesses and Village events through the incorporation of digital displays.

The reimagined Osborne Bridge Kiosk design is a play on the existing adjacent and historic bridge counter weight, being similar in construction materials and form. It acts as a gateway into Osborne Village from the north, containing digital displays for advertising and Village events.

The new design for the Circle Kiosk is meant to acknowledge and celebrate the somewhat negative but also well-known and widely used name for the plaza space at River and Osborne. The steel structure is re-painted annually with a new scheme, contains 2 digital displays, and also serves as a bench and shading device.

The Confusion Corner Kiosk is a sculpture based on the deconstructed confusion corner symbol that fits within the boundaries of the existing concrete base below. Like the Circle Kiosk, it is a steel structure that is painted annually with an updated scheme. It acts as the gateway into Osborne Village from the south, and also contains multiple digital displays to allow for visibly of advertising and Village information from multiple vantage points.

The Bell Tower revitalization is a re-imagining of the small plaza that currently exists at Osborne and Stradbrook. The intent is to create a space that encourages community engagement, and would include a converted shipping container to hold pop-up businesses, a community garden, and open programmable space at street level. The existing Bell Tower, ideally situated at the heart of the Village, is re-imagined as a lookout tower to provide views of the entire Village, from one end to the other.


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