When our client wished to downsize from a home that Sputnik designed in 2009, he purchased a condo in its original condition, dating from the mid 1970’s. With a limited budget, we were able to make some minor changes that created significant impact. The original oak kitchen cabinets were white-washed rather than replaced and a large, oval island was added. The bedroom was expanded by incorporating a very small, secondary bedroom. The bathrooms were updated with new quartz counter tops and fixtures. The master en-suite was opened up into a master walk-in closet. The tub was removed and a custom enclosed shower was added. The increased flow between the two rooms allowed each small room to feel larger. We added custom closet doors that had translucent panel inserts to continue a sense of openness even at the closets. The overall result was a beautifully updated condo that reflects the owner’s personality.


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