Precision ADM is a newly established 18,000 square foot 3D manufacturing facility, located in Winnipeg.  Early in the project, Sputnik Architecture Inc worked closely with the client, the consultants, and the construction management team, to help the client visualize a facility that would best suit their evolving manufacturing needs as the company grows. The finished product consists of a clean manufacturing area, as well as office space to manage the facility’s operations.  The manufacturing space includes a clean area used to create 3D printed items, from hospital grade hip and knee bone replacements to airplane parts.  The office component includes a reception area, a multi-functional boardroom, staff support spaces, private offices, and an open work space for the engineers, technicians, sales, and administrative staff to work.  The concept of metals processing was used as inspiration for the material and finish selections, and has contributed to an overall design that not only suits the needs of this growing company, but also highlights Precision ADM’s new corporate brand.


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