Grace Hospital Entrance and Amenities Renovation

 Winnipeg’s Grace Hospital engaged Sputnik Architecture to assist with the relocation and renewal of several facilities within the hospital’s main entrance area. These renovations were an extension of numerous other updates within the hospital in recent years.

The retail food service area has been relocated from the lower level into a ground floor space that previously contained vacant offices, and includes a full commercial kitchen. A large seating area for visitors, patients, and staff has been constructed in an area that was built but left unfinished when the hospital’s new ER was added several years ago, and features seating for 72 guests, an open ceiling, all new finishes and furniture, and is open to the corridor through full height glazing that provides natural light to the space, but also allows the area to be closed off for private events. The main entrance corridor and elevator lobby saw the replacement of oak wood paneling with new finishes, a modified ceiling, and added lighting.   A new gift shop includes full height glazing, new customized displays, millwork and cash desk.  A smaller seating area with glass partition and new furniture and finishes has also been added along the main corridor in the area left vacant by the relocated gift shop.  The hospital’s Tim Hortons was also updated to meet current corporate standards, with new counters, flooring, millwork, plumbing, and equipment.

The finished result brings the entire area together with a more consistent and cohesive design and flow throughout, provides a refreshed, warm, and welcoming feel to the hospital’s entrance area, and provides convenient and conformable amenities to visitors, patients and staff.


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