The redesigned Visitor Information Centre is dynamic and open. The space is filled with iconic imagery of Manitoba and cutting edge technology that informs guests on all that Maniotba has to offer. Multifunctional monolithic steel and aluminum rotating panels act as billboards and hubs for accessing digital technology. They invite visitors to explore during the day, and also rotate to close off and secure the Center after hours. Carefully selected Manitoba wood species are combined at the reception desk canopy to create a warm and welcoming focal point. The technology, in addition to the inclusion of new glazing units, allows the Visitor Information Centre to remain vibrant in the evening, acting as a beacon, and remaining interactive 24 hours a day.

The newly added fully accessible mezzanine, and main floor area, allow for the incorporation of private offices and work spaces that serve the staff of Travel Manitoba within the existing building shell. A great deal of attention was given to the aesthetic quality of the work space on both levels, by highlighting existing heavy timber structure and repeating this feature with laminated structural wood decking for the mezzanine floor, as well as the use of local wood species throughout the space. Custom fabricated steel panels were used to create the guardrail and stairs, and many of these powder coated panels include perforations that offer impressions of Manitoba.


Sputnik Architecture Inc.

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   Unit 1 - 120 Scott Street
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