The new office for Sputnik Architecture Inc is an example of everything we believe to be important in the work we do. Interior design and architecture have to nurture the lives of the people who live, work, and play in and around the built environment.   Sputnik wanted to create a place, not just a space, in which we could conduct our affairs within the context of a living community, and a bio-system.  We wanted to demonstrate what it means to live and work in the same village. The village can be considered the broader context of Osborne Village, but it also the much smaller area of Cauchon, Scott, River and Stradbrook street blocks.  Everything from building cladding materials, building morphology, protection of urban forest, barrier free access, the provision of multiple views, and access to natural light were carefully worked into the design development of Village House in which the Sputnik office resides.    

Within the context of Village House, the Sputnik Architecture offices are an example of a process used by Sputnik to assist corporate clients in space planning and design that results in delightful but highly efficient space utilization.  Following in the footsteps of the medical clinic projects and offices for Travel Manitoba that Sputnik has designed, the space utilization is 50% more efficient than our previous office. In the same gross square footage, Sputnik can now operate with nearly 50% more personnel, with added breakout meeting space, a large conference room, and a barrier free washroom that includes a shower for the Sputnik team members that cycle to work each day.  By consolidating circulation space, less often used product library space, and kitchen space, and through a process of making egalitarian all work stations, the new office has a sense of greater spaciousness and functionality.  


Sputnik Architecture Inc.

Ph: (204) 415 3906

   Unit 1 - 120 Scott Street
Winnipeg   Manitoba   Canada
R3L 0K8