This new 6850 square foot sales and service centre for Winnipeg Sport and Leisure is nestled carefully into the Canadian Shield in Kenora, Ontario, above Cameron Bay on Lake of the Woods.  The site selection and orientation are based on a balance between providing customers with appropriate visual access to the sales pavilion while providing the service department with convenient access to the boat launch and customer boat compound.   Care was taken to protect as much of the natural site as possible to retain the tall pine trees and natural outcropping of bedrock.  
The service building contains four drive-through work bays, with a gantry crane for lifting boat motors accessible at two of the work bays.  The sales floor has glazing on two sides that open to the 100 year old pine growth, creating the effect of being in the woods.   The dealership sells power sport vehicles and boats within a setting ideal for creating an environment that speaks to the passion of the users of these products for sale.


Sputnik Architecture Inc.

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   Unit 1 - 120 Scott Street
Winnipeg   Manitoba   Canada
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