The design and relocation of the Chapel at the Grace Hospital was an extension of a larger redevelopment project that Sputnik undertook, which included the refresh of the hospital’s main entrance, and the addition of a new retail food service facility and several other amenities. (See Grace Hospital Entrance and Amenities Renovation project.) The redesign of the entire area necessitated the relocation of the Chapel to allow for better and more consistent design and flow within the hospital.

The Chapel is a multi-use space accessible to all denominations, with the ability to accommodate gatherings and services of all types, from traditional church services to smudges and other ceremonies.  In order to facilitate this versatility and diversity of uses, flexible seating arrangements have been incorporated through the use of individual chairs that can be removed or reconfigured as needed.  Because no permanent religious symbols are to be installed, Sputnik’s design also includes a storage closet for storing religious symbols and supplies that can be brought out for specific religious ceremonies. Other features include in the Chapel design are dimmable and zoned lighting and a custom 3-Form light box.

Sputnik provided full Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Document services for this project.  We also selected and tendered the required furniture, and coordinated its delivery and installation. We worked with Physical Plant to get hospital administration’s approval for all phases of the project, and consulted on an as-needed basis for Contract Administration.  Construction was completed in-house by Grace Hospital staff.


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