Winner of the 2017 Commerce Design Awards, Sputnik was asked to design the interior of Thom Bargen’s second location at the corner of Graham and Kennedy Avenue.

The installation of Thom Bargen Coffee’s second store was an opportunity to re-animate a commercial corner with a business that welcome engagement with street life.  Early renderings by the landlord, provided to the Thom Bargen Coffee, did not offer much hope of creating a valuable relationship between the interior spaces and the vibrant sidewalk life that is critical to the operation of any great coffee shop.  The green wall on the inside of the shop will survive happily due to the “concessions” made by the landlord to open up the façade and allow more natural light to enter the store.

Once inside the store the material pallet used is natural, earthy and authentic.   Prior to taking over the space the owner’s of Thom Bargen Coffee were interested in maintaining some of the rawness of the old sowing factory that existing in a bygone era, but wanted to create a space that was clean, refreshing, and spoke to the wonder of a perfect pull of coffee.  The same care the owners take in choosing their coffee beans went into choosing furniture, equipment, finishes, fixtures, and placing these elements in an arrangement that was both highly functional and appealing to the senses. 

Photos by:  Simeon Rusnak



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