Until recently Cameron Bay, very near Kenora Ontario, had been overlooked as a place for development. Sputnik was approached to take part in a visionary re-thinking of the site. The first phase of this vision involves the construction of a new marina serving the users of Lake of the Woods. The amenities included boat slips, a fuel dock, loading facilities, parking and the main marina building itself. The design reflects the industrial logging history of the site in its construction details and offers visitors an exciting new venue to enjoy Cameron Bay.
The initial project scope was laid out: a marina for boat owners. However, as the schematic development began, it became obvious that a long term master plan for the area was needed, including development of the waterfront to include shoreline stabilization, a boardwalk, restaurants and an outdoor leisure store that tourists and cottagers could visit and utilize. While the initial marina project is complete, work has now begun on an outdoor leisure centre dealership.

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